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Puppets, rather than pills, can often work wonders with children – they can conjure up a smile, dispel homesickness, help forget pain and troubles for a while.

Every year, this company brings their puppets and songs to almost a thousand hospitals and medical institutions across Czechia. Come and taste their medicine on the Day with Puppets in the Hospital at the festival Letní Letná. The program that the actors and musicians from the company have prepared for you will surely entertain you even if you’re healthy!

11:00 Pralidi
14:00 Malý princ
15:30 Prodaná nevěsta
17:30 Koncert Loutkobandu

The “Puppets in the Hospital” Tent

Briefcase Fairy Tales

Throughout the whole day, Puppets in the Hospital will perform small plays for free – plays hidden in briefcases. They bring these stories to children’s hospital rooms all year round. Come and see for yourselves that even a small puppet play can be great fun!
Let your imagination run wild and make a puppet just the way you want it! It can be the scariest, the funniest, the most leggy ... just the BEST as you wish. In addition to ideas for how to do it, there's a pile of yearlings, shells and rocks and balls of wire waiting for you. And if you want, we'll even put on a show with the puppet you make together! The workshops are led by scenographer Iva Ščerbáková.

Puppets in the Hospital

Puppets in the Hospital has been visiting children's wards in hospitals and hospitals across the country for 18 years. They work in the field of drama therapy and develop a spectrum of activities in the field of psychosocial care.

During their visits they perform puppet shows and sing songs. Each year they expand their repertoire with new stories that allow them to give out laughter in places where there is not normally much of it.

They also try to work systematically with doctors, hospital staff and parents of paediatric patients to carry out their activities. Each year, Puppets in the Hospital carries out nearly 1,000 visits to hospitals, helping to put a smile on the faces of tens of thousands of child patients.

Opportunities to support the project:
Everyone can contribute to the activities of the Puppets in the Hospital civic association! For example, through the portal Darujme.cz - https://bit.ly/3cKzbyO.
You can also contribute by transferring any amount to the fundraising account. The account is transparent with Raiffeisenbank and its number is 37373767/5500.