Christmas with Letni Letna

Still thinking about what Christmas presents to buy? We’ve got some original ideas for you!

Vouchers and Tickets for the Performance Animal

Give your loved ones vouchers or tickets for a circus performance! Next summer at Letni Letna, Cirque Alfonse will present their new performance Animal. Buy your tickets now while they’re still available! Get either tickets for a specific date and seat, or get vouchers where the best seats are guaranteed and your loved one can pick the date themselves.

Membership in the Patrons Club

Know anybody who’s a regular and passionate attendee of Letni Letna? Anybody who would like to get even closer to contemporary circus? Give them a membership in our Patrons Club! It’s a guaranteed ticket to an unforgettable summer! As a Patron of Letni Letna, they’ll be able to reserve the best seats, get posters from the performances for free, get information first hand, receive
discounts on merch and refreshments, and have the opportunity to become a member of the team for one day, or sleep in the caravan.

Circus Chinaware

Original chinaware with various circus motifs is a present that will amaze everyone! Cups of different shapes and sizes, bowls, or even ashtrays – you name it, we have it! More Circus Merch for Letni Letna Fans
You can find many more interesting ideas for Christmas presents at our online store! Hoodies, notebooks and notepads with circus motifs, blankets, T-shirts… The choice is yours!

Tools for Making Circus-Themed Christmas Sweets

Still missing some Christmas sweets? How about gingerbread in the shape of a circus tent? You’ll find a special circus-themed Christmas sweet cutter at our online store.