Ticket insurance

Dear visitors of the Letná Letná,

Do you intend to visit our festival, purchase tickets in advance, but are worried that an unexpected event or situation could thwart your plans? According to the business conditions, the Letní Letná festival does not normally accept or exchange tickets that have already been purchased.

Ticket insurance can prevent financial loss. The insurance can be arranged for tickets purchased by credit card or bank transfer, including discounted tickets. Should you not be able to attend a performance and meet the respective contractual terms and conditions, you will get back the full price of the tickets purchased. Should you fall ill or be placed in preventative self-isolation in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic, the excess insurance is 20%. Insurance can only be bought concurrently with a ticket. It comes into force at the moment you pay the insurance and ends after the respective event has commenced. The entire insurance premium always belongs to the insurance company, regardless of the reason for or the manner of terminating the insurance policy.

The ticket insurance is provided by the ERV Evropská pojišťovna agency and can only be purchased online on our website.

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