Zoja Mikotová a Tonda Novotný
Čekaní na...

"Waiting for..."

5 50 min suitable for children 12+? 250 Kč

We spend our lives waiting for something – for becoming adult, for Christmas presents, for the day we first go to school, for our first date or for the first salary, for, for, for, for, for. But there is only one thing that is certain – the "Sister Death" as St. Francis said. It's only up to us how we deal with all this.

Is it grotesque? It's hilarious. Especially when Daniil Charms tells us: "There is wither eternity or non-eternity, there is nothing like almost-eternity."

And there we are. "Waiting for ............"

Nonverbal performance with elements of pantomime.

Performing: Zoja Mikotová and Tonda Novotný