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Europe has never seen a group of female artists like this before!

Acrobates from prominent French contemporary circus troupes will bring their unique show to Prague. Visitors of Letní Letná will be among the first ones to see it apart from the French audience.

Through the experience of spontaneous understanding and immediate complicity this group explores its acrobatic talent and at the same time moves forward to reflect upon the antinomies of life : cultural heritage, rivalries and gender misunderstandings, the intersections between the private and public spheres of life, dealing with confidences, solitude, solidarity, the pain and joy of child birth. Resistance, love and surrender. The pleasure in exhaustion...

The 17 women on stage present an eclectic universe, with a colourful range of aesthetics. Represented by the application of different acrobatic techniques and a mixture of theatrical styles. They play a festive game, explosive, playful but risky, dangerous, even.The poetical risk of being seen, observed, criticized, disappointing or disturbing.

Their language is made of senses. Skin, muscles that are twisted, elongated, hands that run to catch an élan of survival and commitment. A collective of singular women, eclectic inspirations that show paradoxical universe, a common direction, personal tajectories. They offer their bodies and their hopes, as a cry of freedom. 

Interview with Mathilde Gorisse, one of the artists.

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