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Professional visitors

Letni Letna is the biggest contemporary circus festival in Czech Republic. Within 18 days it offers more than 190 circus and theatre performances with an attendance of more than 50 000 visitors. Festival has two basic programming lines:

International productions

There are 3-4 foreign companies at each edition of the festival, either coming with their own tent or performing in a rented one. These companies stay for the whole period of the festival and perform 13 to 15 shows..

We will announce the programme for next edition in March 2021.

Czech contemporary circus scene
One of the festival chapiteau is dedicated to Czech contemporary circus scene. Each year the festival presents premieres and popular Czech shows from well established companies as well as new emerging artists. You can see a different show practically every day as the festival provides space for almost every Czech contemporary circus company.

More information: registration@letniletna.cz